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When people find out that I make my entire living on Ebay,
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As soon as they get over their initial
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 (Here is a scan of the Ebay PowerSeller Certificate sent to me by Ebay.)


Just becoming a Power Seller by itself didn't make me a dime, but it was my confirmation and written proof that all the countless hours of research, trial & error, and mistakes were finally paying off!

Let me tell you just a bit more about myself.  I began selling on Ebay a few years ago.  At first, I used Ebay just to make a little extra money by "unloading" some of the extra stuff we had lying around the house and "making ends meet".  I owned my own printing business at the time, and tossed an item on Ebay now and then just for the fun of it. Well, I got hooked, and it occurred to me that if I got better at this, it would be possible make a better living right there on Ebay... 
with no boss, no office, no employees, no deadlines, no heavy lifting, and no more ink under my fingernails. 
Well, after 3 years I finally made it...
and You Can Too... but in just a couple weeks not years!!
It's not that hard to do if you have the proper guidance from the Pros!

So where do you find the "proper guidance from the pros?" 
Over the last couple of years, a friend and I bought every book and CD we could find about being successful on Ebay. When we first started out on Ebay, we were not fortunate enough to have a guide to follow. Boy do we wish we had! It certainly would have saved us a lot of time, money, and headaches. We had to learn everything through trial and error. After reading most of the guides being sold, we only confirmed that the same lame, inaccurate information, was being sold by dozens of different people on Ebay.  By the time we received the info, most of it was so out of date it was virtually useless. We even found many sellers out there selling information on "how to become a Power Seller", 

but they weren't even Power Sellers themselves!
That's like taking driving lessons from someone who has never driven a car.  We knew we could put together a better guide than any other offered on Ebay, so we wrote and printed a book. Then we discovered more neat info and wished we could have included that, so we started publishing our "book" on a CD. But... the e-world kept changing around us, and we wanted all of our valuable past customers to have the latest updates. We tried selling an updated version, but that just didn't seem fair. Then bam! The light bulb came on. To be able to keep it up to date and include the "latest" ideas on making it big on Ebay... 
We needed a constantly updated website!
And... so "A legend was born!"

Members Only Methods for Extreme Success on Ebay!.

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Finally... the one auction source guide we've all been waiting for.

  • No more buying and paying for Ebay Success eBooks one at a time... they're nearly all on the BeastTamer site... ready for free downloads to members!
  • No more surfing for countless hours trying to find the advice and tools you need to win at the Ebay game. We're on that job 24/7 ...and it's all there for you right now!
  • No more wondering what to sell on Ebay. Recommended Drop Shippers are listed... all ready for your click, email or call!
  • No more fear of how you'll keep up with the workload when you start to "hit it big." The auction management systems are there too, waiting to take over that workload!
  • No more boring ads and lack of bids. You'll be putting up ads just like this one sooner than you ever even imagined!

Yes, it's all there...
free graphics, free backgrounds, free auction templates... download 'em and go! There's even programs to teach you how to be more proficient on your computer, and even programs to make your PC run smoother and faster. 
Nothing has been overlooked, and more is being added every day! 
The Ebay BeastTamer Club is designed to save you from all of the trouble we had to go through. You simply need to know what and where to look for the advice you need to be a winner. You'll find it all on the BeastTamer site. We almost feel like shouting about how much money we have made from sales on Ebay. Sometimes it seems almost unbelievable. We love making a living on Ebay.
It's fun... it's exciting, but best of all,
it's very profitable!


Take a look at just SOME
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  • Free Ad Builders
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  • How to Buy Wholesale
  • Wholesale Sources
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  • Automated eBay Sales
  • Sniping for Great Buys
  • Creating Income on eBay
  • Auction Graphics Kit
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  • Increase Auction Profits
  • Making Money on eBay
  • Power Seller Secrets
  • Secret eBay Marketing
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  • Beyond eBay!

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If you have any doubts about our really knowing how to help you become a successful Ebay Power Seller, please, check out some of my positive feedbacks... over 2900 so far and that number is increasing everyday. Heck, even one of our techie guys "Skyseller", who doesn't even sell much anymore, has a whopping 2303 positives too. He started driving race cars??? I guess Ebay wasn't fast enough for him anymore. 

Yes, we can and will help make you a Power Seller!

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?
"What should I sell?" 
We'll let you know which items sell well, and which don't.
"Where can I find things to sell?" 
Most people starting out on Ebay feel exactly the same way.  You will be surprised by how easy it can be to find things to sell on Ebay.
"How do I post a successful listing on Ebay?" 
Keywords can make or break an ad. We will tell you which ones work!
"When is the best time to post your auctions?" 
Timing is everything! We'll put you in sync with the winners.
"How do I put pictures in my ads?"
Learn how to include pictures in your ads and why it is critical that you do so. 
"Should I sell one at a time or more?"
Learn the power of the "Dutch Auction."

And on... and on... and on!

Finally, you can get all your questions answered on one incredibly complete and easy to use Power Sellers' insider training site. The BeastTamer provides all of the necessary information you need to begin your successful career as an Ebay Power Seller. If you would like a new career that allows you to truly work from home, this is it! 
  • Wouldn't you like to be your own boss?
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  • Wouldn't you like to avoid the hassle of having to get up early just to get ready to go to your boring job?
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Ebay will allow you the opportunity to accomplish all of this and more.
Go ahead, give the BeastTamer a try. You will be glad that you did. 

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Members Only Methods for Extreme Success on Ebay!.

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